"Everyone should read this. After making a list of what scares me about college and the future, all my fears were answered and addressed, which was very comforting. My favorite was "Think about how you can improve without making yourself less happy or more stressed." I think I will always be able to learn from this."         

E.V., Student, Class of '20

"Your 75 Positive Thoughts came at the perfect time for our family. I also plan to share this with my older daughter. Supporting all walking through life (the good and bad) is beyond important. Thank you for getting that and for wording it so beautifully. We are thankful for you and Steve and all that you both give to our family." 

G.S., Parent, Classes of '16 and '20

Thank you so much for the detailed support on my college essays. I really appreciate the time you took to help me sharpen and perfect my work with an intellect I wouldn't have had! Thanks again.


Pearl A., Brisbane CA

Class of 2022

Robin and Steve Pool

Since 2007, we have worked with over 3000 students.

At YSTC, teaching is about nurturing students as they mature, through school and the stresses of modern teenage life. Often, challenges are intertwined as academic skills influence self-perception amidst the pressures of college, peer interactions and family dynamics.

We work with students holistically.  This can include building study skills, learning to navigate an independent life, improving self image, and working on key relationships with peers, teachers, and loved ones.  We also believe in supporting parents.  Students are not the only ones who are stressed. Addressing the whole family can make a big difference in the college process.

Students who work with us learn to
  • Enjoy life more 

  • Keep problems in perspective

  • Find positives in difficult situations

  • Resist peer pressure

  • Respond well to feedback

  • Talk honestly with parents

To help parents and students, we
  • Send inspirational poetry (yes, really)

  • Offer an outside view on home life situations

  • Help parents understand students' perspectives

  • Encourage everyone. Parents need encouragement, too!

  • Add an adult perspective that does not come from parents

  • Provide a plethora of anxiety and stress management techniques

  • Email podcasts, videos, or essays with tips for managing stress and anxiety