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Once your student starts college, what's the single biggest success factor?

It's leveraging personal strengths
in meaningful studies, supportive friendships, and problem-solving!

So why do we spend so much time, money, and effort getting students into college

(academics, extracurriculars, lessons, test prep, college consulting, visits - not to mention the cost of college itself)​

and so little preparing them to create their path to success when they get there​?

"Thanks to my work with Robin, I knew so much more about who I was the day I got to college. I knew how to find the right friends for me, how to live according to my values, and how to thrive in a tough academic environment. There were so many problems I didn't have in college because of the discussions I had with Robin beforehand."

Scott O.
Dartmouth, Class of 2017


Hi, I'm Robin Pool. After 20 years of tutoring over 3,000 SAT ACT, and college essays students, I began to feel indignant about the mountain of effort spent helping kids fit into the system compared to the tiny dust pile spent helping them love, appreciate, and leverage their unique gifts.


Consider this:

Most students will not make a living with sports, art, music or other high-school honed skills, and

no octogenarian thinks their life would have been so much better if only their SAT score had been 100 points higher!


However, every single student will thrive - or struggle - utilizing their unique mental, emotional, and psychological strengths and working through their innate personality challenges.


What teens really need is help with is answering "Who am I, and what helps me be successful?" 


I combine my business and career coaching experience with my passion for helping teens to give 17-year-olds the wisdom, self awareness, and workplace savvy we all wish we'd had at their age!


Contact me to help your teenager become an expert in their own success!

Studies show that, in the long run...

internal motivation and meaningful work

create educational and life success

much more than prestige, money, or stability
Yet most high schools provide no training...

to help students understand their own internal motivation or identify what work is meaningful to them

Thriving in college and at work isn't rocket science if you

know who you are and pick a major and a job that you like!

But our educational system trains students to

take directions from authority figures and
pick a prestigious job they are good at

But consider this:

Did your parents, teachers, or your 17-year-old-self pick the perfect career for you?

College Strengths and Challenges Analysis

If your student asked you
"What challenges will I face in college, and what am I good at that can I use to overcome them?"
What would you say?
Help your student understand their greatest college challenges and create a plan!

In a 90-minute interview, and a 1-hour report presentation, we will cover:

  • Finding supportive friends and navigating peer pressure

  • Creating their best study habits

  • Identifying a major they'll love and thrive in

  • Managing their time to minimize stress

  • Dealing with the challenges of being away from home


"I had a lot of fears going into freshman year of college about managing on my own, handling classes, and even learning to drive before I left! Robin helped me make a plan to face them. Her advice about seeking help early from my counselors turned out to be absolutely right. She understood how I communicate and helped me stop criticizing myself. She suggested how I could overcome my fears about doing group projects and research. No one in my family had ever gone to college, so I had no idea what to expect. Luckily for me, Robin's help allowed me to succeed."

Emily J., University of California Merced Class of 2025

Leverage the skills of a former Princeton admission officer who's worked with thousands of students from Ivy League to community college and everything in between.
Imagine your student calm and confident on the first day of class, with a plan minimize anxiety and loneliness, avoid burnout, study effectively, and find supportive, positive friends.

College Major and Career Consultation

What daily activities bring out your best commitment to work?
What relationships help you push through job challenges?
How do you balance long-term career contribution and daily job satisfaction?
Most adults would struggle to answer all these questions! Very few 17 year-olds can hazard a guess...
 Yet understanding this (and more) is crucial to thriving in your college major and the working world

In a 90-minute interview and a 1-hour report presentation, learn what helps your student

  • create a happy daily work experience

  • make work feel like it's worth doing

  • push through the challenges that occur in every work environment

  • identify the best path to success at work

  • generate energy rather than leaving drained at the end of the day

  • overcome predictable work and study challenges 

Take advantage of my experience with six different industries, three successful personal businesses, and clients in tech, medicine, arts, science, real estate, and more...
It's not about picking a specific major or career and telling your student, "this is what you should do." 
Too much authority figure advice prevents students from making confident decisions on their own.
It's about pinpointing what environment, energies, and experiences help your student thrive to choose a college major they'll enjoy and find work where they'll excel.
It's like a crash course in "Who am I, and what helps me succeed?"
(Honestly, I think every high school should offer this class!)

"Mrs. Pool drastically improved my capabilities, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Her help honing my ability to strategize a problem led me to launch a viral marketing consulting firm and a clothing company while still a college student, and I personally employ her methods still to this day [in my real estate career]. Her sessions are extremely relaxed and yet productive. She is worth so much more than she charges and an absolute pleasure to work with."  

Jack N.
Western Carolina Univ., Class of 2019

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