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How is the ACT different from the SAT?


Essentially, SAT questions involve more nuance and thought, but students have more time to think through the questions.  The ACT is more straightforward, but students must work faster. Also, the ACT has a Science section. Visit our page The SAT vs. The ACT for a more detailed explanation.



How do I decide whether my student should take the ACT?


Most students take both tests.  Certain types of students are much better suited to one test than the other. This is addressed in more detail on our page The SAT vs. The ACT.

Can my student take the ACT without doing any prep?


We recommend that all students do some practice on their own to adjust from the PSAT to the faster pace on the ACT. Those who don’t often say the test seemed easy but that they didn’t finish.  Students who take the test “cold” may have artificially low scores that reflect inexperience rather than lack of aptitude.



Do schools “superscore” the ACT?


Some do, but some do not.  Check the schools’ websites.

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