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Anxiety and Stress Management Techniques

Whether a student is working on managing anxiety and stress, test prep, or both, we incorporate strategies to nurture emotional and psychological health and balance. Below are 2-3 minutes summaries of a few.


Feel free to send the url for this page to anyone who might be helped by these.

Click on the small pink triangle on the lower left of each gray box to hear the technique. 

You Are an Intelligent Person - Robin Pool
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You are an intelligent person. You can figure this out.

The Gratitude Game - Robin Pool
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When you're stressed, list 20 things you're grateful for.

Help The Input Help You - Robin Pool
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Rephrase other people's input so it helps you.

People Who Love You - Robin Pool
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Remember there are people who love you.

Compartmentalization - Robin Pool
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Don't worry about everything all at once.

You Have Clean Drinking Water - Robin Pool
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Keep your anxieties in perspective.

Confidence in the New You - Robin Pool
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Look at life from the perspective of your new abilities.

Understanding Physical Anxiety - Robin Pool
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Feeling physically anxious is a good sign!

Anxiety and Stress Management Program
  • Self-acceptance and love

  • Self esteem and confidence

  • Gratitude and positive thinking

  • Time and workload management

  • Understanding the sources of anxiety

  • Approaches to navigating peer-pressure

  • Identifying and cultivating personal strengths

  • Over 30 techniques for managing general stress and anxiety


Click here for exercises you and your student can use to decrease anxiety and stress

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