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How It Works

We like begin with a conversation so we can learn more college interests, score or grade goals, academic performance, learning style, schedule, personality - anything that will help us tailor our approach.


We may ask your student complete a practice test, send a sample of academic work, or bring in the question booklet and answer sheet from a recent SAT, ACT, or PSAT test.  We usually spend the first session using this initial material to evaluate gaps in knowledge and vocabulary, timing issues, careless errors, and poor testing strategies.  Then we call or email with a feedback and recommendations for addressing weaknesses and building on strengths.

For a first round of test prep, we generally advise 2-3 sessions per subject, depending on a student’s ability, progress, and goals.  We also encourage review sessions close to the test.  Please let us know about any factors like schedule or budget that might influence the number and timing of sessions.

After the test results come back, we are available to discuss how to proceed.  Many of our students work us for multiple tests, but even if you choose not to, we strongly recommend you contact us to discuss a plan for independent review and practice that your student can pursue for the next test.  We may also suggest that your student try a different test.  Often, students do better on the ACT than on the SAT or vice versa.



You can schedule sessions with us by phone or email (704-488-6752,


Please contact us early – at least four weeks before you want to start is ideal, eight weeks if you want appointments in August or September.


Cancellations or reschedule requests without 24-hours' notice will be billed unless the cancellation is related to a health or family emergency.  We assume students who cancel appointments have parental permission to do so.  Please let us know if your student's schedule is unpredictable or prone to last-minute changes.

If your student is delayed getting to a session or has a last-minute emergency or illness, please text us (Robin 704-502-7989

Steve 704-488-6752)


During the week, we often do not read emails until late evening and may not be able to answer the phone or check voicemail during the day. On the weekend, we may not read emails until Sunday night. If you have a time-sensitive or weekend message, please text Robin (704-502-7989). We welcome feedback, suggestions, and questions from parents and students.


There is no charge for time spent talking on the phone, answering email, or reviewing test scores. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an in-office consultation on test prep, essay, or college admissions matters, we charge the test prep hourly rate. If you have a general question, consider checking the website FAQs before you email us – there may be an answer to your question and perhaps others you didn’t know you had.




We assign individual practice problems, supplemental materials like vocab and math formulas, and untimed and timed test sections. It is vital that students complete the homework, usually 1-2 hours per session, thoroughly and with good effort.  While we can adjust the amount depending on a student’s other commitments, students with very demanding schedules may be too busy to benefit from our sessions. We may, at our discretion, discontinue preparation for the upcoming test if a student has two incomplete homework assignments.



From local clients, we accept cash, checks, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. From remote clients, we require a credit card on file, which we charge for each session.



To determine a student’s aptitude, we may encourage both an ACT and and SAT practice test, which we can email.  These mini tests take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.  We usually do not require practice tests if a student has recent ACT, PSAT, SAT or PLAN scores.  Also, if a student is preparing for the SAT or ACT specifically, we may only need a practice test or recent results for that test.  If you have not sent in a test to us ahead of time, please have your student bring it to the first appointment.

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All Subjects SAT and ACT Test Prep
  • Academic content

  • Testing tips and strategies

  • Time management and efficiency

  • Emotional and psychological approach

  • Testing obstacles like anxiety and second-guessing

  • Specialized approaches for learning concerns like ADD/ADHD, Slow Processing, and Dyslexia, Dysgraphia

  • Evaluation of which test a students should focus on

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