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When do students take subject tests?


Most take them in May when they are studying for AP tests or in June at the end of the school curriculum.  Some schools may require students to take subject tests for placement purposes, usually at the end of senior year.



Do students have to take subject tests?


Some schools require them and others do not.  Students who know which schools they want to apply to can check the requirements online.  Students who are still choosing colleges may want to take subject tests just in case.  Most colleges do not require more than two.



Will some schools waive the subject test requirement?


Some colleges do not require subject tests if students submit ACT scores in addition to or instead of SAT scores.



Which subjects should students take?


Students usually pick the subjects of their AP classes or classes they did well in.  Students who cannot decide can go to the bookstore and flip through the practice books to see what test content they feel more comfortable with.  Ideally, students should submit scores from different areas of the curriculum.  For example, it would be better to submit a science score and a history score rather than two science scores.  For many schools, two math scores do not fulfill the requirement.   



Are any specific subjects required?


Students who are planning to major in math, science, or engineering must take Math I or Math II (Math II is strongly recommended).  Science or engineering majors should also take a science subject test if possible.

How do students figure out whether they should take Math I or Math II?


Students should ask their math teachers which test is more appropriate.  Most students with a math score above 700 SAT or 30 ACT should take Math II. Most students with a math score below 600 SAT or 26 ACT should take Math I.



When do students choose which subject tests to take?


Students will be required to choose subjects when they sign up on the College Board website, but they can choose different subjects on the day of the test if they want to.



What is the best way to prepare?


We suggest that students purchase a test prep book at the bookstore and take the first sample test.  They can use the results to figure out what concepts to review or ask a teacher about.  Then students should take the second sample test in the book to evaluate their progress. I do not prepare students for subject tests.



Is there score choice for the subject tests?


Yes, students can send subject test scores individually even if they take the tests on the same day.  For example, if a school requires two test scores, a student could take three tests and send the best two scores.



How many subject tests can a student take on one day?


No more than three.



Can students take the SAT and the subject tests on the same day?





How long is each test?

1 hour.

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