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Thanks SO MUCH for helping both of my girls!!!! They both did so well on the exams. I am grateful to you because they would not have done so much without you guiding them. I really appreciate that you care for their emotional well being beyond just the essays and test scores. You are amazing.

J.Z., Parent Classes of '21 and Middle School

Thank you so much for helping me with my application. Without you, I would have a much lower test  score, and my essays would have been much worse. It means so much that you would take your time to help me, and you made me feel so much better. 

K.B. Student, Class of '21

There are times when a particular person has a significant impact on your family. Robin is one of those people. Her academic and SAT/ACT preparation support for both of our children had a material impact on our children's success. The improvement in their results were well beyond what we could have ever expected, especially our child with a learning disability. Both were able to get into their stretch college choices. More importantly, they continued to leverage what Robin taught them which contributed to their success in college. My wife and I could not be more thankful. We highly recommend Robin and her teaching approach!!!

S.J., Parent Classes of ‘16 and ‘17


[My daughter] was very nervous about the test, but after every single session, she was noticeably more relaxed and cheerful.  Robin's and Steve's patient, calm, steady presence was a big benefit.  We were so grateful for the positive results we had seen BEFORE the test. I was 1,000% willing to tell anybody who would listen!   Then she made an amazing score on her ACT!!!!!!! THANK YOU!  We are beyond thrilled!!!!!!

R.K., Parent Class of ‘18

Robin and Steve Pool at Your Steps to College for ACT and SAT prep were absolutely AWESOME! Both of my girls did WELL on their college board tests. They took away a lot of my girls’ anxiety and stress and knew exactly how to work with them to coach them along. Robin communicated so well with me as a parent. She knows how to work with students who have anxiety issues or any issue for that matter. I was amazed at their depth of knowledge in preparing my twins with the entire college process. They came highly recommended to me by people I spoke to and it was all true. As a parent, I HIGHLY recommend you select Your Steps to College.


M.L., Parent of Twins Class of ‘18

I highly recommend Robin to students of all skill levels. Many of my friends and peers also worked with Robin, looking to improve skills not always taught in school. In my case, I️ came to Robin to improve my math score on the SAT, but she taught me much more. Robin helped me to improve my quantitative reasoning skills, helping me to develop problem-solving tactics I still use today. With Robin’s help, I️ improved both my skills and my confidence, confidence I️ carry with me today in my career in finance.

E.E., Student Class of '14


Robin is without a doubt the reason I achieved the SAT score I needed to get into my top choice schools. Her methods are easy to implement on your own time, and her kind demeanor makes working with her a pleasure. I was struggling in math, but after she tutored me a few times, math became my strongest section. If you are having trouble with standardized testing look no further than Your Steps To College tutoring service. Robin is simply the best. She really is the reason I got into to my top school - I AM SURE OF IT.

M.W., Student Class of ‘13


Robin was a pleasure to work with. I primarily sought her help for critical reading and writing needs, but she helped me pull up my math score by 60 points as well. Her help got me a great score, which helped get me into my first choice school, which helped me land a great job on Wall St. I couldn’t have done it without her.


W.W., Student Class of ‘10 (brother of M.W. above)

I cannot speak highly enough of Robin. She tutored my daughters. She is incredibly bright and is able to break things down into comprehensible pieces for other people. Robin is also kind, patient, firm, and professional. Her business is built around tenets of integrity and customer service. It was a privilege working with her.

P.A., Parent Classes of ‘12, ‘14


I used Your Steps to College SAT/ACT tutoring for my daughter’s test prep and I would highly recommend them to anyone!  My daughter has test taking anxiety and struggles with performing to her best ability during standardized testing situations.  Robin and Steve gave her the confidence she needed to improve both her ACT and SAT scores significantly.  Her ACT composite score improved 3 pts, with a dramatic 9 pt improvement in English, bringing that score up from a 25 to a 34!   She also improved her SAT Reading and Math scores by almost 100 pts each!   

B.D., Parent Class of ‘18

Robin helped me prepare for the SAT and ACT as well as with my college application essays. She taught ways of thinking through the multiple choice sections that took the stress out of testing. Robin is good at explaining concepts in multiple ways to cement understanding and excellent at helping students improve their scores.

R.C., Student Class of ‘15 

Robin was extremely helpful for me as I prepared for the SAT. One of my big struggles throughout all of grade school was reading quickly and efficiently. It was one of my biggest concerns going into the SAT. Robin did a fantastic job teaching me a new method of reading passages efficiently and then breaking the questions down such that they weren't as confusing or daunting as they seemed. She was extremely patient and stayed calm even when I was frustrated with how I was doing on her assignments. Robin was also very helpful in the math portion and helped walk me through problems step by step and even teaching me a few shortcuts. I was lucky to work with Robin!

C.B., Student Class of ‘12

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